ABS and ABI meeting: “Full cooperation”

ABI guarantees support for ABS towards the desired memorandum, as reported by diariodelweb.it website (Source: Askanews)

“Full cooperation” between Abi and Abs. A meeting between the two delegations – Domenico Lombardi and the councilman Emanuele Rossini represented ABS, President Patuelli and the director Sabatini represented ABI – focusing on themes of common interest, specifically on the evolution of regulatory and prudential laws on a european and national level and on the integration of payment systems keeping in mind the implications that arise from the new privacy laws.

Among the points considered during the meeting are the “positive prospects for economic recovery and implications arising from technological innovation, also the subject of credit quality and new strategies introduced by Italy to improve the timing of civil justice”. Agreement was reached on the opportunity of developing common ideas on the European rule culture, even within the field of the European Banking Federation to which the San Marino Banking Associations participate”. From ABI support has been guaranteed to ABS towards the desired Memorandum during a phase that entails – according to Palazzo Altieri – “alteration of the organisational structure and San Marino banking activities”.

Published by San Marino RTV (http://www.smtvsanmarino.sm/economia/2018/05/15/incontro-abs-abi-piena-collaborazione)